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Embarking on your wellness journey with acupuncture requires some self-reflection. Consider your current state of health and how it's affecting your daily life, personal goals, and overall wellness. Chronic pain, stress, and other health issues can significantly impact your lifestyle, productivity, and enjoyment of life. However, in recognizing these concerns, you're taking the first crucial step towards healing. Think about how these issues might progress if unaddressed and the long-term effects on your health. Acupuncture presents a proactive approach to your health, potentially preventing future complications and promoting overall wellness, enhancing not just the length but the quality of your life.



Acupuncture is a holistic healing art, integrating body, mind, and spirit for overall wellness. Its emphasis on preventative care complements traditional healthcare, expanding treatment possibilities while enhancing their efficacy. Its method is simple yet profound—fine needles stimulate specific points, boosting your body's natural defenses, promoting healing, and fostering well-being. Evidence backs acupuncture's ability to manage diverse health issues, from pain and stress to sleep and digestive disorders. However, its real strength lies in its holistic approach. Rather than focusing solely on symptoms, acupuncture delves into underlying root causes, paving the way for enduring health improvements and a better quality of life.



Identifying your personal health goals is essential in maximizing acupuncture's benefits. These goals are as unique as you are. You might be looking to manage chronic pain, reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, or boost your overall wellness. Define whether you seek temporary relief, symptom management, or complete rehabilitation. Each goal requires a tailored treatment plan, and understanding your expectations allows us to adapt our approach. Keep in mind, acupuncture is a journey, a continuous process that gradually aids in restoring balance and fostering wellness. Setting realistic goals will prepare you for this journey, ensuring a rewarding and empowering experience with acupuncture.






Acupuncture - Initial Visit


  • Length: This appointment spans across 1 hour (60 minutes).

  • Structure: The session is broken down into an initial consultation followed by an acupuncture treatment.

  • For: This appointment is meant for all clients new to our acupuncture program.

  • Price: The total cost for this service is $37.00

  • GST: No GST is charged for acupuncture appointments.

  • Scheduling Restrictions: There are currently no restrictions on scheduling this appointment type.


Acupuncture - General Health


  • Length: The duration of this appointment is 1 hour (60 minutes).

  • Structure: This is a comprehensive acupuncture treatment.

  • For: It is designed for all clients who have completed an 'Acupuncture - Initial Visit' appointment.

  • Price: This treatment is priced at $90.00.

  • GST: No GST is charged on acupuncture appointments.

  • Scheduling Restrictions: This service is available to clients who have completed an 'Acupuncture - Initial Visit'.


Appointment Type/Name: Acupuncture - For Pregnancy

  • Length: This treatment is scheduled for a duration of 1 hour (60 minutes).

  • Structure: The service comprises an acupuncture treatment specifically designed for pregnant clients.

  • For: It is meant for all clients who have completed an 'Acupuncture - Initial Visit' and are pregnant. This appointment type is designed to help our acupuncturist distinguish pregnant clients from regular clients, ensuring that contraindications are observed and client expectations are managed.

  • Price: This specialized treatment is priced at $90.00.

  • GST: As per the directives of the Canada Revenue Agency and the Federal Government, GST does not apply to acupuncture appointments.

  • Scheduling Restrictions: This service is available to clients who have completed an 'Acupuncture - Initial Visit'.

Acupuncture - Re- Assessment + Treatment


  • Length: This service extends over a period of 1 hour (60 minutes).

  • Structure: The session involves a new consultation plus an acupuncture treatment.

  • For: It caters to returning clients who have not had a treatment in over a year since we reintroduced acupuncture.

  • Price: The service is billed at $90.00

  • GST:  GST does not apply to acupuncture appointments.

  • Scheduling Restrictions: Although this appointment type is available, it is not currently offered for online booking. It won't be relevant until July 15th, 2024, when a year will have passed since our reintroduction of acupuncture.


Scheduling acupuncture is simple with Effect Therapy. Clients can either call our clinic 7 days a week at 403-320-1524, or self-register for our online booking service by clicking here, and then searching for the appointment type and time that works best for them.

Acupuncture is covered by most benefits in Alberta, Canada. Our clinic offers direct billing for this service, streamlining the payment process for you. However, we recommend all our clients to understand their coverage details from their insurance provider prior to any service.

For more information on Insurance & Direct Billing, click here.


Your initial acupuncture appointment at our clinic is a pivotal step in your journey towards enhanced health and well-being. We recommend arriving a bit early for your appointment to allow ample time for necessary paperwork. This information will provide us with vital background knowledge about your health history and current condition, enabling us to tailor a treatment plan suited specifically to your needs.


Our practitioners will conduct a thorough initial assessment, which may involve inquiries about your medical history, lifestyle, diet, emotional state, and current symptoms. This comprehensive evaluation is essential to understand your unique health profile and set the stage for effective treatment.

During this first visit, you'll have ample opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you might have. Our aim is to foster a cooperative healing relationship, where your comfort and understanding are prioritized. It's important to note that acupuncture benefits often unfold over time. Therefore, it's likely that we'll recommend two or three follow-up appointments after your initial visit. These subsequent treatments will allow us to assess your response, refine your treatment plan, and monitor your progress towards achieving your health goals.


Welcome to your acupuncture journey at our clinic, where your wellness is our utmost commitment.

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