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As an Acupuncturist at our clinic, you will have the opportunity to provide exceptional acupuncture services to our valued clients. By utilizing your expertise in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture techniques, you will help clients restore balance and promote their overall well-being. Through the precise placement of thin needles on specific points of the body, you will stimulate natural healing processes and support clients on their path to optimal health.


  • Graduation from an accredited Acupuncture program

  • Current licensure or registration as an Acupuncturist in the province of Alberta, Canada

  • In-depth knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine principles and acupuncture techniques

  • Strong assessment and diagnostic skills to tailor treatments to clients' specific needs

  • Excellent communication skills to educate and engage clients in their wellness journey


  • Conduct comprehensive consultations with clients to assess their health concerns and treatment goals

  • Develop personalized acupuncture treatment plans based on the clients' individual needs and conditions

  • Perform acupuncture sessions, applying sterile and precise needle insertion techniques

  • Provide additional modalities such as cupping or herbal recommendations as appropriate

  • Continuously monitor clients' progress and adjust treatment plans as needed

  • Maintain accurate and detailed treatment records, including progress notes and client feedback


  • Part-time or full-time positions available, offering flexible scheduling options

  • Collaborative and supportive work environment with opportunities for professional growth

  • Availability of necessary acupuncture supplies and equipment


Comprehensive Benefits Package

  • Competitive compensation, including salary with commissioned-shared earnings

  • Extended Health Benefit Program

  • Workplace Benefit Program: Empowerfit

Professional Development

  • Ongoing professional development opportunities to deepen your knowledge and skills

  • Continuing education allowances to pursue advanced training or certifications in acupuncture or related modalities

  • Supportive environment for career growth and specialization within acupuncture

Company Culture

  • Positive and inclusive work culture that values professionalism and client-centered care

  • Emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect

  • Commitment to work-life balance and employee well-being

Technology and Collaboration

  • Work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, and mental health counselors, to provide comprehensive and holistic care to clients

  • Utilize advanced technology and resources to support your work and enhance the client experience

Community Engagement

  • Opportunities to participate in community events and wellness programs

  • Engage in initiatives that promote acupuncture and holistic health in the community

Recognition and Rewards

  • Recognition programs for outstanding performance and contributions

  • Performance-based incentives and bonuses

  • Celebratory events to acknowledge and appreciate your dedication

Career Advancement

  • Clear pathways for career advancement and professional growth

  • Opportunities to lead workshops or educational sessions for clients and colleagues

  • Involvement in research or publications related to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine


We are dedicated to providing exceptional acupuncture services and fostering a supportive and fulfilling work environment for our team. If you are

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