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As a Registered Psychologist at our clinic, you will have the opportunity to provide exceptional mental health counseling services to our valued clients. Utilizing evidence-based therapeutic techniques and psychological assessments, you will help individuals overcome challenges, develop coping strategies, and achieve personal growth. Through a client-centered approach, you will empower clients to navigate their mental health journey and enhance their overall well-being.


  • Master's or Doctoral degree in Psychology from an accredited institution

  • Registration or licensure as a Psychologist in the province of Alberta, Canada

  • Expertise in conducting psychological assessments and evidence-based therapeutic interventions

  • Strong assessment, diagnostic, and treatment planning skills

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build rapport and establish a therapeutic alliance with clients


  • Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments to evaluate clients' needs and identify areas of concern

  • Develop personalized treatment plans based on clients' individual goals and needs

  • Implement evidence-based therapeutic interventions to address a range of mental health concerns

  • Provide individual and group counseling sessions, utilizing various therapeutic modalities

  • Monitor clients' progress and adjust treatment plans as needed

  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals within our clinic to provide integrated and holistic care


  • Part-time or full-time positions available, offering flexible scheduling options

  • Collaborative and supportive work environment that values professional growth

  • Availability of necessary assessment tools and resources


Comprehensive Benefits Package

  • Competitive compensation and salary

  • Extended Health Benefit Program

  • Workplace Benefit Program: Empowerfit

Professional Development

  • Ongoing professional development opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge

  • Continuing education allowances to pursue advanced training or certifications in specialized areas of psychology

  • Supportive environment for career growth and specialization within mental health counseling

Company Culture

  • Positive and inclusive work culture that values professionalism and client-centered care

  • Emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect

  • Commitment to work-life balance and employee well-being

Technology and Collaboration

  • Work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, and physiotherapists, to provide comprehensive and integrated care to clients

  • Utilize advanced technology and resources to support your work and enhance the client experience

Community Engagement

  • Opportunities to participate in community events and mental health awareness campaigns

  • Engage in initiatives that promote mental well-being and destigmatize seeking psychological support

Recognition and Rewards

  • Recognition programs for outstanding performance and contributions

  • Performance-based incentives and bonuses

  • Celebratory events to acknowledge and appreciate your dedication

Career Advancement

  • Clear pathways for career advancement and professional growth

  • Opportunities to lead workshops or educational sessions for clients and colleagues

  • Involvement in research or publications related to psychology and mental health


We are dedicated to providing exceptional mental health counseling services and fostering a supportive and fulfilling work environment for our team. If you are a passionate Registered Psychologist committed to delivering quality

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