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Partnering with Physicians for a Coordinated Approach to Concussion Management


At Effect Therapy, we believe in the importance of collaborative care. If you're a practicing physician seeking optimal support for your patients during their concussion recovery, consider referring them to our comprehensive Concussion Management Program. 

Our evidence-based approach, personalized recovery plans, and ongoing monitoring can help ensure a safe and effective recovery for your patients.

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Comprehensive Concussion Management Program

Our Concussion Management Program offers a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to concussion care, helping your patients recover safely and efficiently.

Collaborative Care

By closely collaborating with you, we can ensure a coordinated approach that addresses the unique needs and concerns of each individual.

Reliable Partner in Concussion Management

Trust us to be your reliable partner in concussion management and recovery, providing your patients with the care they need to return to their daily activities safely and confidently.

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