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Mapping the Structure of Our Comprehensive Concussion Management Program


Effect Therapy is proud to introduce our kinesiologist-led Concussion Management Program. Focusing on symptom evaluation, monitoring, and guided recovery, the program facilitates clients to safely return to regular activities. 

By closely collaborating with referring doctors, we ensure clients receive the specialized care they need while instilling healthcare providers' confidence.

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Detailed Intake and Symptom Assessment

The program begins with a comprehensive client intake process, involving medical history, concussion specifics, and doctor's recommendations. Our kinesiologist conducts a thorough symptom assessment to create an individualized recovery plan.

Individualized Recovery Plan

We develop personalized recovery plans that integrate evidence-based interventions and strategies to support cognitive, emotional, and physical recovery. Our plans are adaptable, allowing changes as per the client's condition and progress.

Education and Support

We offer interactive workshops and seminars, cover various concussion-related topics, and provide resources, tools, and educational materials to help clients and their families understand the recovery process better.

Symptom Monitoring and Progress Tracking

The program includes regular follow-ups and symptom evaluations to monitor the client's progress and adjust the recovery plan as needed. Close communication with referring doctors ensures a coordinated approach to concussion management.

Gradual Return-to-Activity Guidance

As clients progress in their recovery, we assist in implementing a gradual return-to-activity plan, including specific recommendations for resuming work, school, sports, and other daily activities. We collaborate with employers, schools, and sports organizations to facilitate a smooth transition.

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