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Since the emergence of Covid -19 in Canada and throughout the pandemic, Effect Therapy has gone above and beyond in our efforts to keep our clients and ourselves safe.

This page outlines our overall policy to health and safety during this time, as well it is updated periodically to articulate any new or modified measures as they may be needed or mandated. 

COVID 19 Protocols 

Mask Wearing

Currently mask wearing is not mandatory during this time. We still strongly encourage our clients to wear one if they wish as many of our therapists and staff choose to do themselves.  

Request Your Therapist Wear a Mask

We want our clients to feel absolutely safe when being treated at either of our clinics. Please feel more than free to request that your therapist wear a mask during treatment, if you prefer they do. We would be more than happy to oblige.

Hand Washing/Sanitizing

Effect Therapy is one of the few Massage/Acupuncture clinics to include full hand wash stations (sink, soap, paper towel) in each of our treatment rooms. We understand that hand washing is superior to hand sanitizing and are proud this is a feature of our clinic.

If You're Sick, Stay Home

As has been the best course of action throughout this time, if you are sick, please call us at the clinic to let us know you will be cancelling your appointment and staying home. 

While we understand that symptoms can come on quickly, we do ask that you try to provide us with as much notice and in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Health Orders as per Govt of Alberta

Effect Therapy continues to monitor all health orders and recommendations made by the Provincial Ministry of Health and acts quickly to implement said orders and recommendations and inform our clients of any changes to our policy.

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