Last updated: March 27th 2020


Pending further notice. 

A Message from Bryan Pachal & Kira Lloyd

(Owners of Effect Therapy)

In light of all recent events concerning the viral outbreak of Covid-19, Effect Therapy chose to close the clinic as of 8pm March 19th until at least April 1st of this year. 

We had previously made efforts to keep the clinic open as long as we could in order to serve our clients who need us most at this time. However, in response to the declaration of a Local State of Emergency, by the City of Lethbridge, we felt it no longer appropriate to remain open at that time.

With new information, and with the Alberta Government's ban on all non-essential services as of March 27th 2020, we have now pushed our planned reopening to at least April 15th. 

We will be conducting a second round of contacting scheduled clients as soon as possible to let them know about the push back of our planned reopen date.

We will ensure that all clients who will have appointments cancelled are notified first as to when our clinic re-opens, so that they may have the opportunity to re-book before appointment spots fill up. 

As of right now, no client appointments scheduled April 15th 2020 or later will be cancelled, however this may change if further action is needed.

Online booking is currently suspended until further notice.

We appreciate all the support from our clients and our staff an hope that we can continue providing that support to all of you very soon.

Good luck Lethbridge,

Bryan Pachal, Kira Lloyd, and the staff here at Effect Therapy.

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