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We offer direct billing services to the listed insurance providers. Our clinic makes it easy to set up, and leaves you paying little to nothing out of pocket. 

If setting up direct billing for the first time, make sure to check out or "What You Need to Know" section at the bottom. Not all plans and policies are alike.


Direct Billing Layout.PNG


Insurance Provider and Insurance Policy are Different.

We can direct bill to all of these Providers, but not all Policies allow direct billing. 

You may need a Prescription

Many Policies require a prescription or referral for massage.  

Your Policy may Pay You

Your policy may be set up to pay you instead of our clinic. While we can still submit electronically, if you are listed as the payee we will have to take payment from you. This is always the case with Desjardins. 

Not all Policies Renew in January

While many policies renew in January, not all do. If you are unsure as to when your policy rolls over, give your Provider a call.

Your Coverage is Limited

While most everyone knows this, it is a good idea to check how much you have left, and when your policy renews, to avoid any surprises after your treatment.

Multiple Providers

To prevent plan members from being reimbursed twice from two different providers, many insurance companies prevent us from billing the 'Secondary' provider until proof that the primary provider was billed first. This is known as Coordination of Benefits. 

What this means is that while you may have 100% coverage between two companies, we likely will only be able to bill one, leaving a balance owning. This balance will need to be covered at the clinic. A receipt will be provided that can be submitted to the secondary provider. 

Provider Phone Numbers


Alberta Blue Cross  403-328-1785

ASEBP  1-877-431-4786

Chamber of Commerce 1-800-665-3365
CINUP 1-800-665-1234
ClaimSecure 1-888-513-4464
Cowan 1-888-509-7797
Desjardins Insurance 1-800-463-7843
First Canadian 1-866-212-5644
Great-West Life 1-800-957-9777

Green Shield Canada
GroupHEALTH 1-833-344-6944
GroupSource 1-888-547-6947
Industrial Alliance 1-877-422-6487
Johnson Inc. 1-866-773-5467
Johnston Group Inc. 1-800-893-7587
Manion 1-866-532-8999
Manulife Financial 1-866-407-7878
Maximum Benefit 1-800-893-7587

Medavie Blue Cross  1-888-873-9200
Sun Life Financial 1-855-301-4786

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