We are now looking for positive and driven individuals to join us in our brand new location. 

If working in a modern space with other passionate complimentary and alternative health practitioners is something you'd enjoy, please take the time to consider working with us. 

Have a look below at the positions available and then read through our application information and instructions towards the bottom of the page. We hope there is something here for everyone and are excited to begin accepting applications for our new clinic.



Are you currently practicing or about to graduate and looking for a place to treat clients with all the supports and tools a therapist could ask for?

Effect Therapy began as a dedicated massage clinic right here in Lethbridge. Our education based approach to therapy, along with investment in both clients and our therapists has allowed us to grow very quickly. 

And at our clinic we take care of everything. Our Massage Therapists need only to focus on their clients. This saves countless hours of non revenue earning time spent billing, scheduling, doing laundry etc. and means our therapists take home what they earn.

We have both Salaried and Self Employed contract options available. If joining our team is something you would like to consider, don't wait to apply.

Information Sheet

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Our Clinic Assistant staff are truly the backbone of our business. They are the coaching staff of our whole team and see that our clients have the best experience possible when visiting one of our clinics.

We need highly motivated people who can take initiative, see and solve problems, and look after our operation as a whole. 

Through our systems, training, and the tools needed to perform, our Clinic Assistants are set up to succeed. 

Consider joining our team today by applying today!

Application Form


Our new clinic provides us the opportunity to expand Effect Therapy's treatment offerings. A large share of our clients have expressed their interest and need for Acupuncture and Physiotherapy. We are excited to have the space to be able to incorporate these modalities into our business.


We are currently interviewing for the positions and have a great offer to share.


Our second clinic will feature two auxiliary practice rooms on the second floor with their own waiting area. Each are fully fixtured and include both a wash and computer work station. Our intention is to provide use of the spaces for up to 35 hours each week, depending of course on how much or little our future practitioners wish to work.

In addition to the rooms, there is a total of 900 sqft of common area which includes two waiting areas, two washrooms, a staff room and two infrared saunas which we allow our clients to use free of charge.


Our plan is to offer full and dedicated reception services to handle all billing and scheduling. And our practitioners will also be provided with their own extension/voicemail in order to communicate with clients should it be needed.

Marketing and cobranding services will also be provided and our practitioners will absolutely benefit from Effect Therapy's already established reputation.

We are looking for people who feel they will be a great fit and are excited to treat in a busy but highly organized clinic. 

Because of the variability on how contracts may ultimately be developed, we ask that if interested, you reach out to us by emailing:




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