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Access More, Learn More & Do More with Inter-Treatment Support

Inter-Treatment Support represents our effort to empower clients to take an active role in their wellness journey. Our application houses personalized exercise programs designed by our team, complete with video guidance and progress tracking. These routines are aimed at addressing common conditions such as muscle tension and pain from prolonged standing or sitting. Alongside these, we offer a range of Digital Health Education cards on various health and wellness topics, providing a comprehensive and accessible resource at your fingertips.



How to Access Our Inter-Treatment Support Program

Our Inter-Treatment Support programs can be assigned to you by any of our practitioners during your visits to our clinic. During your next appointment, feel free to discuss which program(s) might best support your wellness goals between treatments. Once assigned, these programs are accessible to you free of charge via our app or the web-based version of our platform.



The Effect Therapy Preventative Health App

Designed with our clients in mind, the Effect Therapy Preventative Health App allows you to manage your personalized exercise program and monitor your progress towards your individual health goals. Using an interactive rating scale, you can track your exercise completion, effort, and pain levels. This data assists our practitioners in tailoring your program as they work with you to reach your wellness objectives. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms and offers a user-friendly interface to make your wellness journey as seamless as possible.

Make the most of your health journey with Effect Therapy's Inter-Treatment Support. Our innovative app and the comprehensive resources it offers are here to ensure your path to wellness is supported, every step of the way.

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