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Introducing Our Comprehensive Functional Team Training Program


We present our Functional Team Training program, a unique initiative tailored for semi-amateur sports teams. Designed to elevate player abilities, minimize injury risks, and boost overall performance, our program equips your team with expert-led assessments and invaluable data-driven insights.


By partnering with us, you offer your players the chance to reach their full potential, foster a more competitive team, and ensure consistent support throughout the season.

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Detailed Program Structure

Our Functional Team Training program is meticulously structured into three distinct periods, each designed to provide consistent and comprehensive evaluation and support for your team members throughout the season.

In the first period, we conduct a pre-season assessment and player profiling exercise. This phase is led by our highly skilled kinesiologists, whose expertise in evaluating athletic performance is unmatched. Each player's physical capabilities, performance abilities, and potential injury risks are scrutinized, forming a detailed profile that lays the groundwork for future training and conditioning strategies. These individual player metrics are then combined and analyzed to provide a holistic outlook on the team's overall strengths and weaknesses. The resultant data-driven insights are then passed onto the coaching staff, empowering them to make informed decisions on training regimens and injury prevention strategies. This assessment phase is also vital for the players as it equips them with the knowledge to improve their current skills and prepare for future endeavors.

As we progress into the season, our program enters its second period focusing on mid-season evaluations and progress tracking. This period is crucial as it involves coordinated scheduling of follow-up assessments to monitor each player's progress. Whether there are improvements in performance, stagnant growth, or regressions, our team keeps a close eye on these developments. By comparing the pre-season and mid-season data, we can assess the effectiveness of the implemented player conditioning strategies. The insights garnered during this period provide continuous support and guidance for the coaching staff, allowing them to make necessary adjustments based on the current data. Moreover, this phase reinforces the significance of injury prevention and performance enhancement for individual players and the team as a whole.

Finally, the third period of our program focuses on end-of-season analysis and post-season planning. This period is vital as it allows us to measure the overall impact of the season on player performance. It involves final assessments of each player and a comprehensive data analysis to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement. This period culminates in informed decision-making for post-season planning, including devising recovery strategies and training recommendations for the upcoming season. We also celebrate player achievements during this period, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation for personal development.

Investment and Demonstrating Team Commitment

Investing in the Functional Team Training program is a significant show of commitment to your team's health and performance. As the financial costs of this program fall on the team, the decision to pass these costs onto players can be determined by team management. However, it's crucial to remember that each penny invested into our program represents a commitment to improve and grow. By choosing our Functional Team Training program, you are providing an invaluable opportunity for your team members to assess, improve, and excel. You are prioritizing their development, performance, and health, showing a clear dedication to their individual success and the team's overall competitiveness.


The Multitude of Team Benefits

Investing in our Functional Team Training program unlocks an array of benefits that extend beyond individual player development, directly impacting the overall success and growth of the team.

Firstly, we offer seamless coordination and flexibility. We understand the challenges associated with coordinating assessments for an entire team, which is why our program is designed with maximum flexibility in mind. We allow players to book their assessments at our clinic on their own time, within the defined period deadlines. This convenient scheduling system ensures that every player receives the necessary evaluation and support without causing disruptions to the team's training schedule or burdening the coaching staff.

Secondly, our program is a clear demonstration of your commitment to your players. By providing access to expert kinesiologists, state-of-the-art facilities, and data-driven insights, your team is showing a genuine interest in each player's development and well-being. This commitment can result in increased player involvement and motivation, fostering a culture of high performance and dedication to the team's success.

Thirdly, the comprehensive player assessments and data analysis we provide can dramatically enhance your team's performance. The insights gained enable your coaching staff to make informed decisions about training strategies and injury prevention measures. By identifying and addressing individual and collective strengths and weaknesses, your team can optimize its performance, gain a competitive edge, and ultimately achieve greater success on the field.

Our program's emphasis on identifying injury risks and providing tailored recommendations for injury prevention and management is invaluable for maintaining a healthy team. Proactively addressing potential issues can significantly reduce the risk of injuries, lessen player downtime, and ensure that everyone remains in optimal condition throughout the season.

Finally, our Functional Team Training program contributes to long-term player development and retention. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement and personal achievement, which in turn encourages players to stay committed to the team. This commitment leads to greater stability and cohesion over time, further contributing to the team's overall success.


In conclusion, our Functional Team Training program is a comprehensive solution for teams seeking to elevate their performance, strengthen player commitment, and build a culture of success. By partnering with our expert kinesiologists and leveraging our modern facilities, your team will unlock its full potential and set the stage for continued growth and achievement. Secure your team's brighter, more successful future today – sign up for the Functional Team Training program and experience the difference our approach can make.

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