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A Structured Approach to Unlocking Your Team's Full Potential


Our Functional Team Training program is meticulously structured into three distinct periods: Pre-Season Assessment & Player Profiling, Mid-Season Evaluation & Progress Tracking, and End-of-Season Analysis & Post-Season Planning. 

This strategic division allows for a consistent and thorough evaluation of each player and the team as a whole, driving individual and collective growth throughout the season.

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Period 1: Pre-Season Assessment & Player Profiling

In the initial phase, our skilled kinesiologists conduct comprehensive pre-season assessments to evaluate each player's performance abilities and injury risks. Leveraging individual metrics and creating a team-wide outlook, we equip coaching staff with the necessary data-driven insights to plan effective training and injury prevention strategies.

Period 2: Mid-Season Evaluation & Progress Tracking

The second phase centers on progress tracking. Follow-up assessments are conducted to monitor changes in each player's performance and injury risk factors. Comparative data from pre-season and mid-season assessments provide valuable information for strategy adjustments, ensuring continued progress.

Period 3: End-of-Season Analysis & Post-Season Planning

In the final phase, we conduct end-of-season assessments and comprehensive data analysis, which inform post-season planning. This enables the identification of successes and areas for improvement, empowering informed decision-making for future training and recovery strategies.

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