Effect Therapy began by focusing on Functional Massage Therapy. We offer our services based on their intended outcome, specific technique, or special population at which considerations must be made. We don't confuse our clients by offering multiple iterations of and names for the same modality. 


In addition to these specific offerings of Massage Therapy, as our client you will always have the opportunity to consult with your therapist about the right treatment, and modification of that treatment that will best address your primary concerns.  

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30/45/60/90min - $53/70/85/115

Specific and treatment goal-oriented. Therapeutic massage works to target areas of acute muscle tension for the purpose of reducing adhesion and releasing hypertension. Decreasing pain, increasing pain-free range of motion, and preventing further muscle related injury are some of the treatment goals associated with therapeutic massage. 


45/60/90min - $70/85/115

Through the use of cups dragged and placed around specific areas of the body, a suction is created that pulls muscle and soft tissue outwards and against origin and insertion points. This process also draws in fresh blood to areas that may be blocked due to adhesion and other cellular waste. 


30/45/60/90min - $53/70/85/115

A balanced treatment that is unspecific to injury or acute muscle tension. The purpose of relaxation massage is to address the client's state of mind and well-being. Relaxation techniques may still involve deep pressure but the overall goal is to calm the body and the mind, and reduce nervous tension. 


45/60min - $75/90

Relaxation and deep therapy work are brought together through Hot Stone therapy. Stones are placed on specific areas of the body to provide warm relaxation while also used to perform specific and deep muscle release techniques. 


30/45/60/90min - $53/70/85/115

Pregnancy or prenatal massage, addresses muscle tension and pain associated and in some cases specific to, expecting mothers. This treatment combines relaxation and therapeutic techniques, while addressing the ever changing needs of the client as her term progresses.


30/45/60/90min - $53/70/85/115

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, or MVA, chances are you are suffering from some degree of Whiplash Associated Disorder. Massage has helped many recover from such injuries as is viewed as an equal and integral part of rehabilitation. The process for client intake and assessment is a lot more detailed, and treatments usually involve correspondence with other health practitioners. For this reason we have a dedicated page outlining MVA Massage Treatment

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