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Discover our holistic Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Program, designed to help you navigate the recovery process with specialized care and support. We focus on client intake, tailored treatment plans, comprehensive outcome monitoring, collaboration with other disciplines, and special billing protocols. With our support, return to optimal health and reclaim the life you love.

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Sustaining injuries from a motor vehicle accident can be a life-altering experience. At Effect Therapy, our MVA Program provides a specialized and holistic approach to treatment that supports your journey to recovery. Our team is dedicated to helping you regain your health and wellness, so you can return to the activities that bring you joy.



A Closer Look

In Alberta, Canada, if you've been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you're likely entitled to receive medical and rehabilitation benefits. These include chiropractic, massage, and physiotherapy services through the province's statutory accident benefits system. The level of coverage depends on the severity of your injuries.


For mild to moderate soft tissue injuries to the neck (WAD 1 and WAD 2 injuries), you may receive a set number of combined treatments of chiropractic, massage, or physiotherapy within a specific timeframe after the accident. Note that coverage reductions apply for chiropractic treatments beyond the tenth session, and other conditions may adjust these limits.



Relief and Corrective Care

Our MVA Program encompasses physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care, all tailored to support your recovery from WAD injuries.



Program Structure

Our MVA Program follows a structured approach:

  1. Specialized Client Intake and Assessment:
    We conduct a thorough review of your medical history, accident details, and insurance coverage, followed by an assessment to determine the severity of your injuries and establish an appropriate treatment plan.

  2. Personalized Treatment Approach:
    We develop tailored treatment plans focusing on pain management, injury rehabilitation, and overall wellness, and monitor your progress regularly to optimize recovery.

  3. Multidisciplinary Collaboration:
    We collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure a well-rounded approach to your recovery.

  4. Special Billing Protocols and Assistance:
    We help you navigate the province's statutory accident benefits system and assist with billing protocols and insurance claims.

  5. Ongoing Support and Follow-Up:
    Regular follow-ups, access to resources, and guidance are offered to support you throughout the recovery journey.


Recovering from a motor vehicle accident can be challenging. Our MVA Program is designed to provide comprehensive care and support to help you navigate this complex process with confidence. Our specialized approach, tailored treatment plans, and multidisciplinary collaboration ensure you receive the highest quality of care and support on your journey back to health.


Don't let an accident define your life – let our expert team help you reclaim your well-being and return to the activities you love.

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