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Specialized Client Intake and Setup for Optimal Care


At the start of our MVA Program, we conduct a detailed intake consultation. We review your medical history, accident details, and insurance coverage to build a comprehensive understanding of your situation. 

Our team assists in completing essential paperwork, such as AB-1 and AB-2 forms, and conducts a thorough physical assessment. We then identify clear treatment goals and develop an individualized treatment plan to address your specific recovery needs and objectives.

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Mental Health



Intake Consultation

Our experienced team conducts a thorough intake consultation. This process includes a review of your medical history, accident details, and insurance coverage.

Physical Assessment

Our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals conducts a comprehensive physical assessment to determine the extent of your injuries. This assessment may include various tests and evaluations.

Treatment Goals and Plan

Based on the results of your physical assessment, we work with you to establish clear treatment goals. Our team then creates a personalized treatment plan that focuses on these goals, ensuring your care is effective and beneficial.

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