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We would love to have you as a new client. Did you know? We introduce over 150 new clients to our clinic each month!

There are a lot of common or similar questions asked by first time clients. We thought we would dedicate a portion of this page to answer some of them. 

As always though, if you have any questions, or want to know more, give us a call!



If you would like to print out and complete you new client paperwork ahead of your first appointment, please feel free to download each document. 

If you have extended health benefits and would like us to direct bill, you will still need to bring your benefit card in with you so that we can add it to your client folder.


All documents in one folder


Outlines our current policy regarding cancellations and missed appointments. ​


Complete if you have extended health benefits that you would like to direct bill to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Do You Offer?

We are currently a dedicated massage therapy clinic. We offer Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage, as well as Hot Stone and Cupping. Recently we have added Whole Body Cryotherapy to our list of services, a first and only for Lethbridge. 

What Does Massage Therapy Cost?

We offer our massage treatment in several appointment lengths. Those are 30min, 45min, 60min, and 90min. For more information on the cost of each, as well as the cost of other modalities, please visit our Services page by clicking HERE

Do You Direct Bill?

Yes! We direct bill to over 20 different extended health providers. For more information and a list of Providers we direct bill to, please visit our Amenities page by clicking HERE

Where Are You Located?

We are on the West Side! 

​Our clinic is located beside Anytime Fitness Lethbridge and across from Browns Socialhouse West. 

​More specifically, 

we are at 50-338 University Dr W, Lethbridge Alberta, T1J 5C9

How Early Should I Come For My First Appointment?

We have a bit of paperwork for you to fill out on your first visit. We ask that clients come 10-15 minutes early to allow themselves enough time to complete the paperwork as to not cut into their treatment time. 

Additionally, we do offer the use of our Infrared Sauna at no charge and provide everything needed to enjoy it before your treatment. So clients, new and current are welcome come early for all of their appointments. 

What Do I Wear?

Your comfort is always our main priority. We ask that you dress down to your own level of comfort. With that being said, clothing can get in the way of manual treatment. Most clients choose to dress down to a level that is comfortable and practical to the treatment they are receiving.

Clients are always draped with sheets in a professional and respectful manor and in a way that continues to promote client comfort and allow the massage therapist to work effectively. 

Are Your Therapists Licensed?

Absolutely! All of our therapists are fully trained, qualified, and licensed with respected professional organizations. 

Occasionally we will offer clinic space to student therapists and provide student massage therapy services at a discount. These students are insured and are booked with the client's full knowledge. 

What If I Need To Cancel Or Reschedule?

Cancellation or Rescheduling of appointments is allowed provided that it is done respectfully of our therapist's time. To allow for this we have set out in our Cancellation Policy a requirement of 24 hours notice. We do consider emergency situations however in lieu of 24 hours notice we do reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee in order to compensate our therapists and our clinic for the lost revenue opportunity. 

To Cancel or Reschedule an appointment, we ask that you please call our clinic 24 hours or more before your appointment time. 

How Often Should I Have Massage?

Frequency of treatment depends on the purpose for which you are seeking massage therapy.


If it is to treat a certain condition, pathology, or ailment, a treatment plan, with treatment related goals can be developed. And depending on the intended outcome, frequency can range from two or three times a week, to two or three times a month.


Alternatively, if massage is being used as a way to maintain or address reoccurring muscle tension and stress, regular treatments can be spread out weekly, monthly, or as needed. 

What Are 'Contraindications'?

Contraindications to therapy, whether it is massage, chiropractic, physio, etc. are reasons, or conditions that may present a risk of increased harm if that therapy was to be performed. 

There are two main types of contraindications. Those that are 'Local', like a open cut/sore, or inflamed or broken joint. And those that are 'General Absolute', such as a recent heart attack or stroke. 

Local Contraindications do not prevent you from receiving massage therapy. Modifications to treatment can be made so that the local contraindication is observed and no increased harm is likely. 

General Absolute Contraindications are such that massage therapy cannot be performed until the underlying condition is addressed and resolved. 

Our massage therapists are well trained in identifying and addressing contraindications, however, we always recommend that our clients discuss with their doctors, any concerns they may have ahead of time. 

How Do I Book?

Three Options!

1- Give us a call at the clinic; 403-320-1524

2 - Sign up and register for our online booking service Pencil That. After you are signed up, you will have access to all of our therapists schedules, and all of our services including Whole Body Cryotherapy. You can find the appointment that works best for you and book yourself right in!       SIGN UP HERE

3 - Come visit us. Walk in and come check out our clinic. You could even fill out your New Client Paperwork while you are by. 

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