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Unmatched in dedication, our Health Centre stands as a beacon of comprehensive care, offering superior, thoughtfully designed facilities at unparalleled value for clients.

Health Centre

Massage Therapy



Mental Health



Welcome Area

As you enter Effect Therapy, you're greeted by a breathtaking open space, complete with a soaring 28-foot ceiling and an elegant floating staircase. This luxurious reception area reflects our dedication to quality and comfort, setting the stage for the exceptional care you'll experience here. Our friendly Clinic Associates will smoothly guide you through the check-in process, ensuring your visit starts with ease and efficiency. At Effect Therapy, every detail of your journey, from arrival to departure, is crafted with your well-being in mind.

Welcome Area

Massage Therapy Treatment Rooms

Our Massage Treatment Rooms are far from the typical converted office spaces you might find elsewhere. Here, each 12x12 sanctuary seamlessly blends professional healthcare functionality with the comfort of a personal retreat. With independent sound systems, color-adaptive lighting, and heated hydraulic tables, we tailor every detail to enhance your therapeutic experience.

What sets our rooms apart is not just their design but the thoughtfulness behind each feature. Unlike the stark, clinical feel of traditional health spaces, our rooms offer a warm, inviting atmosphere, coupled with the practicality of a professional setting. A full wash station and a wealth of essential supplies, restocked diligently by our Clinic Associates, ensure that your treatment flows uninterrupted.

Our commitment to your education and understanding is embodied in the in-room computer workstation, complete with advanced 3D Anatomy software. This unique feature allows for a seamless transition from treatment to education, enriching your understanding of your care.

In essence, our treatment rooms are crafted not just for comfort but for a comprehensive approach to your care and learning, making each visit both therapeutic and enlightening.

Massage Treatment Rooms

Main Floor

The heart of our Main Floor marries beauty with practicality. Here, you'll find an elegantly glass-encased elevator, offering not just a visual delight but also a smooth passage between floors. This feature reflects our commitment to accessibility and convenience for all clients.

Steps away is a private area thoughtfully equipped with a client washroom and an infrared sauna. Prioritizing your comfort and convenience, our accessible washroom ensures a seamless visit. Meanwhile, our infrared sauna is always available for complimentary use before appointments, offering a warm, relaxing start to your wellness journey.

These amenities underscore our dedication to an exceptional client experience. From the accessibility of the elevator to the added luxury of our sauna, we're committed to making your time with us both pleasant and beneficial, without any extra cost or hassle to you.

Main Floor & Sauna Area

Upper Floor

The Upper Floor of our health center is a testament to thoughtful design, crafted specifically with your wellness journey in mind. As you ascend, you're greeted by sleek glass railings that not only ensure safety but also invite an abundance of natural light, creating an atmosphere of openness and clarity.

Just steps from the stairs and elevator, you'll find our consultation and counseling zones. These spaces are thoughtfully situated near a serene second waiting area, complete with a tranquil pond and walls adorned with verdant plants. This soothing oasis is designed to ease your mind, preparing you for deeper, more effective sessions.

Every detail on the Upper Floor, from the airy walkways to the restorative waiting area, is aligned with our goal of enriching your experience. It's a place where the ambiance and amenities converge to support a comprehensive approach to your well-being.