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Preparing You for a Smoother Surgical Journey and a Successful Recovery


Our Prehabilitation Program focuses on enabling individuals scheduled for surgery or those who need to meet specific health goals to become eligible for surgery. We aid clients in understanding and developing the routines, habits, and expectations necessary for an easier recovery process.


While our program does not assert to influence surgical outcomes directly, our objective is to bolster overall well-being, facilitate achievement of health goals, and lay the groundwork for a successful post-operative path.

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An In-depth Initial Assessment and Goal Setting

Our Prehabilitation Program initiates with an exhaustive client intake process. This includes gathering comprehensive information about the client's medical history, details of the impending surgery, and any recommendations from their doctor. Our multidisciplinary team then uses this data to determine the client's primary areas of concentration, specific health objectives, and potential hurdles that they might encounter during their prehabilitation journey. Based on these evaluations, we collaborate with the client to formulate personalized prehabilitation goals. This tailoring to unique needs and surgical necessities empowers clients to approach their upcoming surgery with heightened confidence and a better grasp of what to anticipate during the recovery process.

The Crafting of a Customized Prehabilitation Plan

Upon establishing the client's objectives, our team designs a customized prehabilitation plan. It comprises exercise, nutrition, and stress management strategies that aid in preparing the client for the surgery and the subsequent recovery phase. The plan is drafted to cater to the client's specific needs while integrating any doctor's suggestions, like weight loss or strength enhancement, to ensure that the client is prepared for safe surgery. Being fully aware that a client's condition, goals, or surgical timeline might shift, our prehabilitation plan is highly adaptable and can be revised as necessary to guarantee optimal backing and preparation throughout the entire process.



Comprehensive Education and Skill Development

A vital component of our Prehabilitation Program is providing clients with the education and skills they need for a successful surgery preparation and recovery journey. We conduct workshops and seminars on subjects relevant to the surgery preparation and recovery, such as mobility, pain management, and post-operative care. Besides these educational ventures, our program offers practical training in exercises and techniques to boost strength, flexibility, and endurance. We also provide guidance on cultivating healthy habits and routines before surgery, which can enable a smoother transition to the recovery phase and underpin long-term success.



Continuous Support and Collaboration

Throughout the Prehabilitation Program, we ensure regular follow-ups with clients to track their progress, offer motivation, and modify the prehabilitation plan as required. We believe in providing personalized support at each step. Recognizing the importance of close collaboration with other healthcare providers, such as doctors and surgeons, we ensure a synchronized approach to the client's prehabilitation journey. To further assist our clients, we offer access to a range of resources, tools, and educational materials that empower them to take control of their prehabilitation process and make informed decisions about their health.



Guided Transition to Post-Surgery Recovery

Once the surgery is completed, our team helps clients transition from prehabilitation to post-operative care. This includes adjusting exercise routines and supporting the implementation of new habits and strategies developed during the prehabilitation phase. By maintaining open communication and coordinating care with healthcare providers, we help clients navigate their post-surgery journey with increased ease and assurance. Our program continues to offer resources and guidance to help clients maintain their health and well-being after surgery. 


We are committed to empowering clients to manage their recovery and support them in achieving enduring success.

Your Preparedness Today Promises a Better Recovery Tomorrow

Effect Therapy's Prehabilitation Program is a valuable tool for clients and healthcare providers seeking a proactive approach to surgery preparation and recovery. By focusing on pre-surgery education, goal setting, and habit development, this program helps clients lay the groundwork for a successful recovery journey.


Don't wait until after surgery to start building the foundation for a smoother transition and improved well-being. Reach out to Effect Therapy today to learn more about our Prehabilitation Program and take the first step toward a better-prepared, more confident surgical experience.

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