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Prehabilitation: A Valuable Tool for Surgeons


Effect Therapy's Prehabilitation Program is an excellent option for healthcare providers seeking a proactive, comprehensive approach to surgery preparation and recovery for their patients. 

We collaborate closely with you to ensure a coordinated approach to prehabilitation, taking into account your recommendations and keeping you updated on your patient's progress.

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Initial Assessment and Goal Setting

We gather comprehensive information on the patient's medical history and upcoming surgery details and incorporate your recommendations in setting the patient's prehabilitation goals.

Customized Prehabilitation Plan

Based on the patient's goals and your recommendations, we create a tailored prehabilitation plan. It includes exercise, nutrition, and stress management strategies, and is adaptable to account for any changes in the patient's condition, goals, or surgical timeline.

Ongoing Collaboration and Support

We maintain regular follow-ups, adjusting the prehabilitation plan as necessary. By working together, we can better address the patient's needs, ensure a coordinated approach to prehabilitation, and facilitate a smoother transition to post-operative care.

Post-Surgery Transition and Recovery

After surgery, we assist in transitioning the patient from prehabilitation to post-operative care. By maintaining open communication and coordinating care, we help ensure a smooth and well-supported recovery process for your patient.

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