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A Comprehensive and Strategic Approach to Prehabilitation and Recovery


Our Prehabilitation Program is designed for those facing upcoming surgery or needing to meet specific health goals before becoming eligible for surgery. 

The program is divided into five meticulous steps: Initial Assessment and Goal Setting, Customized Prehabilitation Plan, Education and Skill Development, Ongoing Support and Collaboration, and Post-Surgery Transition and Recovery. 

Our goal is to help you enhance your overall well-being, meet your health goals, and set the stage for a successful post-operative journey.

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Step 1: Initial Assessment and Goal Setting

Our multidisciplinary team conducts a comprehensive intake process to understand your medical history, upcoming surgery details, and your doctor's recommendations. We collaborate with you to identify your focus areas, specific health goals, and potential challenges, setting personalized prehabilitation objectives for your unique needs and surgical requirements.

Step 2: Customized Prehabilitation Plan

With your goals established, we create a tailored prehabilitation plan including exercise, nutrition, and stress management strategies. This plan addresses your specific needs, incorporating your doctor's recommendations to ensure eligibility for safe surgery. It's adaptable to account for any changes in your condition, goals, or surgical timeline.

Step 3: Education and Skill Development

Through workshops and seminars on relevant topics, and hands-on training in exercises and techniques, we ensure you have the skills to navigate surgery preparation and recovery. We guide you in developing healthy pre-surgery habits and routines to facilitate a smoother recovery process.

Step 4: Ongoing Support and Collaboration

We maintain regular follow-ups, adjusting the prehabilitation plan as necessary, and collaborate closely with your healthcare providers to ensure a coordinated approach to your prehabilitation journey. You'll have access to various resources, tools, and educational materials to support you in achieving your pre-surgery goals.

Step 5: Post-Surgery Transition and Recovery

After surgery, we assist in your transition from prehabilitation to post-operative care. We adjust exercise routines, support you in implementing new habits and strategies, and collaborate with healthcare providers for a smooth recovery process. You'll receive ongoing resources and guidance to navigate your post-surgery journey and maintain your well-being.

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