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Embark on a Wellness Journey with Our Scheduled Events


At Effect Therapy, we’re dedicated to fostering a community that learns and grows together. Our Scheduled Events page will feature an array of upcoming workshops, all aimed at deepening your understanding of health and wellness.


While we are currently working on finalizing the details for these events, we encourage you to stay tuned for an engaging, interactive, and informative lineup of workshops. Furthermore, we will also provide glimpses into our past events to keep our history of communal learning alive.

Health Centre




Mental Health


Our Vision for Upcoming Events


Our upcoming events are intended to cover a variety of topics under the umbrella of health and wellness. We aim to provide educational sessions that cater to both beginners and experienced wellness enthusiasts. These workshops, led by experts in the field, will offer valuable insights and practical knowledge to support your wellness journey.



Seamless Registration


To ensure a hassle-free experience, we will implement an effortless registration process for our upcoming events. All relevant details, including the topic, date, time, and the expert leading the session, will be readily available to help you make an informed decision about participating in our workshops.



Celebrating Our Past Workshops


We value the knowledge shared and the community formed in our past workshops. This page will also serve as a repository of these past events, providing an overview of the topics covered and the experts who have enriched our community with their knowledge.


Your Participation Matters


We warmly invite you to be a part of our upcoming workshops and events. By participating, you not only invest in your personal wellness journey but also contribute to our vision of a community that learns together, grows together, and achieves wellness together. We look forward to welcoming you.

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