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Explore our journey, philosophy, and services on this page. Learn how Effect Therapy's holistic approach and community commitment can enhance your health journey.

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Welcome to Effect Therapy

Welcome to Effect Therapy, where your journey to holistic health and well-being begins. Nestled in the heart of Lethbridge, we are more than just a wellness center; we are a beacon of hope and healing for all who seek a path to better health.

Established five years ago with a vision to provide comprehensive care, Effect Therapy has grown from its humble beginnings as a massage clinic into a multifaceted health hub. Our approach is rooted in the belief that true wellness is multidimensional, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

As you embark on your health journey with us, you'll find a team of dedicated professionals ready to guide and support you every step of the way. From physiotherapy and acupuncture to educational resources and community initiatives, we offer a tapestry of services designed to cater to your unique needs.

At Effect Therapy, you're not just a client; you're a valued member of our community. We invite you to explore what we have to offer and join us in a shared mission of achieving and sustaining optimal health.


Our Story

Effect Therapy's story is one of vision, perseverance, and commitment to transforming the landscape of complementary health care. Founded in 2018 by Bryan Pachal and Kira Lloyd, our journey began with a clear recognition of the challenges within the health care industry. Complementary health care was often misinterpreted, and practitioners, siloed in their own practices, lacked a collaborative framework. Information dissemination was uncoordinated, leading to inconsistency and confusion.

In response to these challenges, Bryan and Kira established Effect Therapy. Although starting modestly as a small massage therapy clinic—reflecting the constraints of resources rather than the breadth of our ambition—a comprehensive health center was always the envisioned destination. The name "Effect Therapy" was chosen deliberately, embodying our commitment to efficacy in the complementary health care field, where demonstrating and articulating effective outcomes can often be elusive. Our approach, grounded in evidence-based practice and client education, was set to redefine the standards of efficacy in health care.

The journey was not without its trials, and the true test came just one year after opening our doors when the pandemic swept across the globe. Facing unprecedented challenges, it was Effect Therapy's unwavering mission and exceptional focus on the client experience that steered us through these uncharted waters. Against all odds, and amidst a time of global uncertainty, we not only persevered but continued to flourish and expand, firmly keeping our eyes on the goal of establishing a full-fledged health center.

From our humble beginnings with 1600 square feet of space on the west side of Lethbridge, housing just 3 treatment spaces, we have grown exponentially. Today, we proudly operate out of a 4500-square-foot facility on the south side, boasting 12 treatment and consultation spaces. Our team has expanded in tandem with our facilities, bringing together skilled practitioners committed to the shared vision of Effect Therapy.

Our story is one of transformation, not just of our own clinic but of the very way complementary health care is perceived and delivered. It's a testament to the power of a clear vision, steadfast dedication, and an unyielding commitment to our clients' well-being.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

At the core of Effect Therapy lies a philosophy that is both simple and profound: holistic health care should be accessible, understandable, and collaborative. We believe that the path to wellness is multifaceted, involving a harmonious blend of physical, mental, and emotional health. Our philosophy is not just a concept; it is a living, breathing ethos that permeates every aspect of our services.

Accessibility is fundamental. We strive to create a space where clients from all walks of life can seek and receive the care they need without barriers. Whether it's through our online booking system, direct billing options, or the provision of ample educational resources, our goal is to make health care as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Understanding is the key to empowerment. We're dedicated to demystifying health care, breaking down complex concepts, and providing clear, concise information. Through this, we aim to equip our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Collaboration is our strength. At Effect Therapy, we recognize that the best outcomes arise from a synergistic approach. Our team of practitioners works closely together, and with our clients, to craft personalized health plans. We believe that by combining our expertise with the unique needs and insights of each client, we can create a more effective and satisfying health care experience.

Our philosophy is our promise—a promise to provide care that is not only effective but also empowering, educational, and inclusive. This is the philosophy that has guided us from our inception and will continue to light our way forward.

Our Philosophy

Health Therapy Services

At Effect Therapy, we offer a diverse range of health therapy services tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Each service is delivered by skilled practitioners committed to providing the highest standard of care. Here’s an overview of the therapies we offer:

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy services are more than just a means to relaxation. They are a vital component of a holistic health regimen. Our licensed massage therapists use a variety of techniques to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote overall wellness. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain or looking to reduce stress, our massage therapy can be personalized to meet your needs.


Acupuncture is an ancient practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, known for its ability to alleviate pain and promote healing. Our experienced acupuncturists insert fine, sterile needles into specific points on the body, stimulating the body's natural healing processes. This therapy is effective in treating a wide range of conditions, from chronic pain to digestive issues, and is a cornerstone of our holistic treatment approach.


Physiotherapy is central to our mission of helping clients regain and maintain their physical health. Our physiotherapists are experts in human anatomy and biomechanics and provide personalized treatment plans that may include exercises, manual therapy, and education. Whether recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or looking to improve mobility, our physiotherapy services are designed to help you achieve your optimal physical function.

Mental Health

Acknowledging the inseparable connection between mind and body, we offer mental health services to support our clients' overall well-being. Our mental health professionals provide a safe, confidential space to explore and address psychological concerns. Through counseling and therapy, we help clients navigate life's challenges, manage stress, and foster emotional resilience.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focuses on diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders, primarily through manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine. Our chiropractors aim to reduce pain, improve functionality, and educate clients on how they can account for their health through exercise, ergonomics, and other therapies to treat back pain.

Health Therapy Services

Health Program Offerings

Our health program offerings are designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. We believe in making a lasting impact through comprehensive education and support.

Preventative Health Program

Our flagship Preventative Health Program is a year-long journey divided into four 3-month semesters, each focusing on a crucial pillar of health: Physical Activity, Nutrition, Restful Sleep, and Stress Management. The program's design allows for a gradual yet transformative approach to wellness, ensuring that you not only learn but also integrate and sustain these health practices in your daily life.

You can choose to engage with the program online as a self-directed course, benefiting from the flexibility and convenience it offers. Alternatively, if you're local, you can opt for a blended approach, which includes five in-person sessions per semester at our health center. These sessions provide one-on-one educational training and program review with our expert practitioners.

Both formats offer online community engagement, connecting you with fellow participants for shared learning and support. Our goal is to guide you through a journey of education and habit formation over a realistic timeframe, fostering a robust foundation for a healthy lifestyle. The program is meticulously developed by our team to ensure it is comprehensive, effective, and truly life-changing.

Nutritional Counselling

For those with specific nutritional goals or seeking a more hands-on approach to their dietary health, our Nutritional Counselling services are ideal. Working closely with a nutritionist, you'll receive a blend of education and personalized nutritional planning. Whether you're addressing specific health concerns, optimizing your diet for fitness, or seeking general dietary improvement, our tailored plans are available over 1, 3, or 6 months, adapting to your unique needs and timeline.

Both programs exemplify our commitment to not just treat but educate and empower our clients, laying the foundation for lasting health and vitality.

Health Program Offerings

Community Involvement

At Effect Therapy, we are deeply committed to fostering a healthy, vibrant community. Our involvement extends beyond the walls of our health center, as we engage in meaningful collaborations and initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of our community. Here’s how we contribute:

Healthcare Partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration for the greater good of community health. By forming strategic partnerships with local healthcare providers and organizations, we aim to bridge gaps in healthcare services and create a more cohesive, interdisciplinary approach to wellness. These partnerships allow for the sharing of knowledge, resources, and expertise, ultimately leading to more comprehensive and accessible care for all community members.

Integrated Health Networks

An integrated health network is at the heart of a well-functioning health system. We actively participate in and contribute to integrated health networks, which bring together various health professionals and services to provide coordinated care. This integrative approach ensures that our clients receive holistic treatment, addressing all aspects of their health and well-being in a seamless and efficient manner.

Local Wellness Initiatives

Our commitment to health extends to the grassroots level through our involvement in local wellness initiatives. We take pride in supporting and participating in events, campaigns, and programs that promote health and wellness in our community. From educational workshops to fitness challenges, we are always looking for ways to inspire and engage community members in their health journeys.

Community Involvement

Contacting Us

Phone Support:
Dial (403) 320-1524 for assistance at our West Side and South Side Lethbridge locations. Our team is eager to help with booking appointments, addressing queries, or discussing any concerns.

Email Inquiries:
For general questions, reach out to us at Expect a swift and informative response.

Feedback & Suggestions:
Your insights are crucial to our growth. Share your experience or ideas with our clinic manager, Alana Salt, at

Career Opportunities:
Join our mission in health and wellness. Introduce yourself and submit your resume to

Event & Sponsorship Requests:
Supporting local events is our pleasure. For sponsorship inquiries, fill out our dedicated form with your event details.

Donation Requests:
We champion health and wellness initiatives. For donation requests, use our designated form. We review and respond to each submission thoughtfully.

Community Partnerships:
Let's collaborate for a healthier community. Propose your partnership ideas via our specific form, and let's explore how we can align our missions.

Direct Contact:
For any inquiries not covered, contact us directly. We value your communication and commit to a prompt response. Together, we can foster a healthier community.

Contacting Us
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