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Welcome to Effect Therapy, a community-focused health and wellness centre located in the heart of Lethbridge, Alberta. Since our inception in 2018, we have been dedicated to providing an engaging and supportive environment for both our clients and staff, with an emphasis on personalized care, education, and growth opportunities.


Our journey began as a single clinic offering Massage Therapy, and over the years, we have grown into a multi-practice, multi-practitioner Health Centre with two convenient locations on both sides of the bridge. As we continue to evolve, we maintain our founding principles of competence, professionalism, exceptional client service, and respect for all.


In the warm and welcoming city of Lethbridge, Alberta, an idea took root: the dream of creating a caring and supportive space where clients could find top-quality complementary health services, and practitioners could excel. This dream came to life in 2018 with the establishment of Effect Therapy, founded by a devoted massage therapist with a vision of a health center that would become a vital part of the community.


From the outset, our focus has been on education and innovation, driven by the belief that clients empowered with knowledge, and practitioners equipped with the latest technology, would create an environment that nurtures healing and well-being. Despite facing an emotional beginning due to a sudden family loss, Effect Therapy opened its doors in November 2018, committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients.


Our dedication to delivering the best possible care quickly resonated with the people of Lethbridge, leading to a growing clientele and an expanding team of practitioners. In August 2019, we became the first clinic in Lethbridge to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy, demonstrating our commitment to staying at the forefront of complementary health services.


As we planned to broaden our services in early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world. Like many businesses, we faced a period of uncertainty, with the possibility of closure looming over us. However, we remained steadfast in our commitment to our clients and practitioners. We used this challenging time to strengthen our connections, maintaining support and communication throughout the lockdown.


When restrictions eased in June 2020, our valued clients returned, and we continued to grow while adapting to the new reality of operating a health clinic during a pandemic. With determination, we moved forward with our plans to develop the all-encompassing health center we had always envisioned.


In March 2021, we began construction on our new facility in the Fairmont Common building in South Lethbridge. The center now offers a diverse range of health services, including acupuncture, physiotherapy, mental healthcare, chiropractic care, and more. We also introduced unique programs such as workplace wellness, functional team training, prehabilitation, preventative health education, and nutrition planning.


At Effect Therapy, we know that the heart of our success lies in the strong connections we've built with our clients and practitioners. We are devoted to providing exceptional support and fostering a collaborative and nurturing atmosphere. As we continue to grow our team and services, our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our community remains unwavering.


We invite you to join us on our journey and discover the difference that Effect Therapy can make in your life. Whether you're a client in search of personalized care or a practitioner seeking a compassionate and supportive team, Effect Therapy is your home for healing and growth.

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