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Our Health Centre

Premier Wellness Destination

Discover the exceptional facilities at Effect Therapy Health Centre, purpose-built from the ground up to foster an optimal healing environment. Open seven days a week with extended weekday hours, our center accommodates your schedule, ensuring wellness is always within reach. Our state-of-the-art facility includes a complimentary infrared sauna available to clients pre-treatment, enhancing relaxation and therapeutic benefits. Accessibility is a priority, with an elevator ensuring easy access for all clients. Every detail of our center has been meticulously designed to create a premium, client-focused experience in a luxurious setting. Experience top-tier wellness services in a space that embodies care and professionalism at every turn.

Main Floor

Welcome Area

A Warm Welcome Awaits

Step into a soothing environment where your wellness journey begins with warmth and care.

Main Floor

Massage Therapy Treatment Rooms

Serene Treatment Escape

Designed for tranquility and privacy, our rooms ensure a deeply relaxing massage therapy experience.

Main Floor

Client Sauna & Elevator

Convenience and Comfort

Enjoy complimentary access to our infrared sauna before treatments and easy accessibility via our elevator.

Upper Floor

Client Consultation Room

Private Consultations

Dedicated to personalized discussions, this room is where tailored health strategies are formed.

Upper Floor

Client Waiting Area #2

Relaxed Readiness

A comfortable space to unwind and prepare mentally before your appointment begins.

Upper Floor

Mental Health - Counselling Room

Secure and Serene

A private, calm space designed to facilitate open, confidential mental health dialogues.

Upper Floor

Physiotherapy Gym & Assessment Area

Dynamic Health Hub

Equipped for comprehensive assessments and active rehabilitation with state-of-the-art physiotherapy tools.

Upper Floor

Client Waiting Area #3

Comfortable Pause

Another cozy spot to relax and wait, ensuring comfort throughout your visit to our facility.

Upper Floor

Acupuncture Treatment Rooms

Harmonious Healing Spaces

Tailored for tranquility, these rooms enhance the therapeutic effects of acupuncture.

Upper Floor

Chiropractic Treatment Space

Optimized for Alignment

Modern and spacious, designed specifically for effective chiropractic care and patient comfort.

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