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For Clients

Navigating Your Health Care Made Easy

Explore the range of services and policies at Effect Therapy Health Centre designed to streamline your care experience. Access information on Extended Health & Direct Billing to simplify payment transactions. New clients can find essential intake forms and general information to prepare for their first visit efficiently. Familiarize yourself with our Clinic & Client Policies to understand the standards and practices that guide our interactions and services. Additionally, learn about the flexibility of our Gift & eGift Cards, perfect for sharing the gift of health. Each topic provides crucial resources to assist you throughout your health journey.

Simplified Payments

Extended Health & Direct Billing

Streamline Your Healthcare Expenses

Effect Therapy Health Centre offers direct billing options to most major insurance providers, simplifying the payment process for your treatments. By handling insurance claims directly, we help you avoid out-of-pocket expenses and reduce paperwork, allowing you to focus more on your recovery and less on financial logistics.

Welcome Newcomers

New Client - Intake & General Information

Balance Energy, Improve Health

Starting your journey at Effect Therapy Health Centre is seamless with our straightforward intake process. New clients can easily access and fill out all initial intake forms and general information online. This initial preparation ensures that your first visit is focused on treatment, not paperwork, setting the stage for effective health management.

Health Standards

Clinic & Client Policies

Understanding Our Practice Guidelines

Learn about the policies that govern our interactions and procedures at Effect Therapy Health Centre. Our clinic and client policies ensure a safe, respectful, and efficient environment for both staff and clients. Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines helps ensure that each visit is smooth and that your care is consistent with the highest standards of health service.

Thoughtful Giving

Gift & eGift Cards

Perfect Gift of Health and Wellness

Discover the perfect way to show care with our Gift and eGift Cards at Effect Therapy Health Centre. Ideal for any occasion, these cards provide a thoughtful gift option, allowing your loved ones to choose from a variety of health services that best suit their needs. Gift the wellness experience and promote a healthier lifestyle for someone special today.

Select Your Starting Point Today!

Begin Your Comprehensive Wellness Journey

Embrace a Complete Approach to Personal Wellness

Explore our services and select the therapy that best meets your needs to start enhancing your health and well-being today.

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