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Extended Health & Direct Billing

Simplify Your Payments with Direct Billing

At Effect Therapy Health Centre, we streamline your payment experience through our direct billing services, available for most extended health insurance providers. This service means that we handle the billing process directly with your insurer, eliminating the need for you to submit claims yourself. Direct billing simplifies the payment process, making your visit hassle-free while ensuring your treatments are covered without upfront payments. It’s important for clients to understand their coverage details to avoid any unexpected expenses, as we bill according to the terms of your insurance plan. Please verify with your insurance provider whether direct billing is an option under your plan.

Understanding Your Coverage

Know Your Insurance Benefits and Limits

Understanding the specifics of your insurance coverage is crucial in managing your health care budget effectively. It is your responsibility to know the extent and limits of your coverage, such as percentage of costs covered and maximum payout amounts. For instance, if your plan covers 80% up to a certain limit and the treatment exceeds this, you will be responsible for the difference. Being well-informed about your plan helps prevent surprises regarding out-of-pocket expenses. We encourage you to regularly check your coverage details, especially before scheduling treatments, to ensure that you are fully aware of what your insurance plan entails.

Value Your Health Investment

Enhance Your Wellness Beyond Insurance

At Effect Therapy Health Centre, we encourage our clients to consider their extended health benefits as a contributing factor, not the sole source, in their overall health and wellness investment. Your benefits should be seen as a foundation that supports additional personal contributions towards your health. By investing beyond what insurance covers, you ensure a more comprehensive approach to maintaining and enhancing your well-being. We are committed to ensuring that every dollar—whether from insurance or out-of-pocket—is utilized effectively to provide substantial health benefits. Trust that at Effect Therapy, every treatment and service is carefully designed to offer significant value and support your long-term wellness goals, maximizing your health returns in every aspect.

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Sunlife Financial


Coordination of Benefits

Managing Multiple Insurance Plans Effectively

For those covered by more than one insurance plan, understanding the Coordination of Benefits (COB) is essential. COB ensures that the payment of claims is coordinated between your primary and secondary insurers to prevent overpayment. Typically, we directly bill your primary insurance provider only. You are then responsible for submitting any remaining balances to your secondary insurer. This process requires you to be proactive in managing your claims and understanding which provider is considered primary, as this affects how claims are processed and benefits are allocated.

Handling Insurance Issues

Navigating Through Claim Rejections and Responsibilities

While we strive to make the billing process smooth with direct billing, there are instances when claims may be rejected by insurers for various reasons. Should this happen, we will notify you immediately so that the necessary payments can be settled promptly. Subsequently, it becomes your responsibility to resolve disputes or rejections with your insurance provider. Understanding and actively participating in the direct billing process is vital. You must stay informed about your insurance details, handle co-payments, and manage communications with your insurance provider to ensure all aspects of your billing and payments are clear.

Why Choose Effect Therapy Health Centre?

Your Partner in Maximizing Health Investments

Choosing Effect Therapy Health Centre means selecting a partner who values your health as much as you do. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Commitment to Cost-Effectiveness: We understand that health investments are significant, whether they come from insurance benefits or out-of-pocket. Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent on your health, ensuring you receive quality care that translates into real health improvements.

  • Transparent Billing Practices: Our transparent direct billing practices ensure that you can easily understand and manage your health care finances. We help you navigate your insurance benefits and explain costs clearly, so there are no surprises.

  • Focus on Comprehensive Care: We view each treatment as part of a larger health care journey. Our holistic approach means that we consider all aspects of your well-being, helping you to invest in treatments that offer long-term benefits rather than temporary solutions.

  • Support Beyond Treatment: At Effect Therapy, we believe in supporting your entire wellness journey. This includes providing education on how to make the most of your health care investments and advising on ways to extend care through lifestyle adjustments and preventive practices.

  • Dedicated Client Service: Our staff is dedicated to making your experience as smooth and beneficial as possible. From the first phone call to your treatment sessions and beyond, we are here to support and guide you.

Choose Effect Therapy Health Centre and invest in a health care experience that values transparency, effectiveness, and your long-term wellness above all. Experience the difference that professional, compassionate care can make in optimizing your health investments.

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Insurance Companies and Contact Information

Insurance Providers we Direct Bill to

Here is a list of insurance providers we directly bill to, including their contact numbers and websites:​​​

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