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Explore our journey, philosophy, and services on this page. Learn how Effect Therapy's holistic approach and community commitment can enhance your health journey.

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An Introduction to Physiotherapy

Introduction to Physiotherapy's Principles

Physiotherapy stands as a cornerstone of modern rehabilitative healthcare, with its practice based on principles rooted in understanding the human body's movement and function. This therapeutic discipline, established in the early 20th century, employs a range of hands-on techniques and exercises to enhance and restore physical strength, function, and mobility. It is grounded in a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the biomechanics of the body, and it aims to address impairments and promote mobility.

Physiotherapy in Modern Healthcare

Physiotherapy has become integral to contemporary healthcare, serving as a primary means of treatment for various musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Through scientific evidence and clinical expertise, physiotherapists assess, diagnose, and treat a wide array of injuries, disabilities, and health conditions. This form of therapy is pivotal in managing acute injuries, chronic diseases, and in postoperative care, contributing to enhanced patient care and recovery.

The adaptability of physiotherapy allows it to support patients of all ages in improving their quality of life by promoting independent movement and preventing further injury.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Health and Wellness

The benefits of physiotherapy extend well beyond rehabilitation. It is a proactive approach to maintaining an active, injury-free lifestyle. Physiotherapy can help alleviate pain, improve joint mobility, increase strength and coordination, and improve cardiorespiratory function. By focusing on the prevention of injury and the promotion of health and fitness, physiotherapy can also play a significant role in preventing disease and managing chronic conditions, enhancing overall health and well-being.

Adopting physiotherapy into one’s healthcare regimen encourages an active participation in health management, leading to sustained physical wellness and improved life quality.

Our Physiotherapy Program

At Effect Therapy, our commitment to physiotherapy is founded on a passion for empowering individuals through movement and function. Our physiotherapy program is designed to provide a personalized journey to recovery and health, addressing specific client needs through targeted interventions. From acute injury management to chronic pain relief and preventive strategies, our physiotherapists combine evidence-based techniques with individual care.

Our team of professionals is committed to applying their expertise to improve your mobility and enhance your quality of life. We focus on education, self-management, and individualized treatment plans to ensure each client achieves their optimal state of physical health.

Our Practitioners

Regulated by the Physiotherapy Alberta College + Association, Physiotherapists in Alberta must be licensed to practice. Our physiotherapists thrive in an environment featuring advanced diagnostic tools and private treatment areas, facilitating a higher standard of care.

Kinesiologists in Alberta, although not regulated, often hold a bachelor's degree or higher in Kinesiology. At Effect Therapy, they have access to a well-equipped gym and assessment area, enabling a superior, evidence-based approach to movement and exercise therapy.

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Arun Haridas,

Registered Physiotherapist (BScPT)(CPTA)

  • Certified Dry Needling Practitioner

  • Certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation

Arun Haridas, a distinguished physiotherapist with a global perspective, brings over 15 years of experience to the Effect Therapy team. His journey in physiotherapy began in India, where he spent a decade honing his skills, followed by a significant contribution to the field in Canada over the past five years. Recently, Arun and his family chose Lethbridge as their new home, enriching our community with his expertise.

Arun’s approach to physiotherapy is deeply patient-centric and results-driven. He is not only a Registered Physiotherapist (CPTA) but also a certified practitioner in both dry needling and vestibular rehabilitation. His proficiency extends to hands-on techniques such as myofascial release, joint mobilization, and kinesiology taping. Arun is a firm believer in the power of patient education as a foundational step in the healing process. His commitment to identifying the root causes through meticulous biomechanical evaluations underpins his success in achieving lasting recovery for his clients.

The range of conditions addressed by Arun in physiotherapy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cervicogenic Headaches

  • TMJ Dysfunction

  • Neck, Shoulder, and Elbow Pain (Including Rotator Cuff Injuries and Frozen Shoulder)

  • Wrist Injuries and Trigger Finger

  • Back Pain (Including Sciatica)

  • Hip, Knee, and Ankle Injuries

  • Heel Pain and Arthritis

  • Post-Fracture and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

  • Vertigo and Balance Impairment

Outside of his professional life, Arun is deeply committed to his family, often spending his leisure time traveling and creating memories with them. His artistic side is expressed through painting, a passion that allows him to capture the beauty of the world around him. Arun is also an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying cricket and tennis, and he maintains his own fitness through regular workouts.

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Stephanie Sorensen,

Registered Kinesiologist (R.Kin)

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

  • Registered Kinesiologist

  • Diploma in Exercise Science


Stephanie Sorensen is an accomplished and certified kinesiologist, enriching our team with her extensive expertise and experience.

She also holds a diploma in exercise science, combining academic knowledge and practical expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for health and fitness.

Stephanie’s areas of specialization and passionate pursuits encompass a range of conditions, including:

  • Pain Management

  • Sports Performance Optimization

  • Injury Prevention

  • Nutrition 

  • Biomechanics and Movement Analysis

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Fitness Assessment and Program Design

  • Health and Wellness Promotion


Beyond her dedicated role at Effect Therapy, Stephanie also serves as a board member for the Coaldale Copperheads as the Director of Medicine, as well as lending her expertise as the team’s head trainer for the past 8 seasons. In a personal milestone earlier this year, Stephanie celebrated her wedding, marking a beautiful nine year relationship with her now husband.

Our Treatment Spaces

Our Physiotherapy Gym redefines the traditional therapy experience, providing a personalized and private setting for dynamic practitioner-client interactions. Unlike the busy, impersonal nature of conventional clinics, our gym is thoughtfully equipped and designed to respect your need for a comfortable and confidential experience.

Equipped with a diverse array of equipment including a treadmill, bench press, and free weights up to 50lb, the gym facilitates a wide range of individualized exercises and therapies. Adjacent to the gym is a semi-private assessment area, visually secluded by a sliding curtain, offering a blend of interaction and privacy. This intentional design contrasts sharply with the typical clinic setup, ensuring you never feel like just another number.

Our unique layout allows for seamless transitions between assessments and exercise, maximizing the efficiency of your visit without sacrificing the quality of care. The semi-private assessment space allows for one-on-one interactions, while the gym area supports personalized exercise regimens, all within the same private, comfortable setting.

Furthermore, our adaptable design future-proofs your care. With spaces reserved for tailored interventions and plans to incorporate advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, we ensure your experience at our clinic remains at the forefront of innovation and privacy.

In essence, our Physiotherapy Gym is more than just a space for physical rehabilitation; it's a sanctuary that prioritizes your comfort, dignity, and personalized care.

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