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At Effect Therapy Health Centre, we believe in the power of diversity and the strength of a multidisciplinary team. From our front desk to our treatment rooms, every role plays a significant part in providing comprehensive, holistic care to our clients. Explore the wealth of career opportunities available at our clinic and find the perfect fit for your skills and passion.

Front End Clinic Assistant [Now Hiring]

The face of our clinic, Front End Clinic Assistants, play an invaluable role in setting the welcoming and supportive atmosphere we're known for. Your excellent customer service skills, organizational abilities, and keen attention to detail will ensure our operations run smoothly and our clients feel cared for from the moment they step through our doors.



Massage Therapist

As a Massage Therapist at Effect Therapy, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your therapeutic skills while helping clients achieve improved health and wellness. With a focus on both remedial and relief care, our therapists work closely with clients to tailor treatments to their specific needs and goals.

Acupuncturist [Now Hiring]

Our Acupuncturists are integral members of our team, offering clients a unique and effective approach to pain management, relaxation, and overall wellness. With a strong foundation in traditional Chinese medicine, you'll provide treatments that address both physical and emotional health concerns.




As a Kinesiologist, your expertise in human movement and performance will be key to our proactive approach to health and wellness. Your role will involve assessing clients' physical function, designing personalized exercise programs, and providing hands-on treatment to optimize health and prevent injury.



Physiotherapist [Now Hiring]

Our Physiotherapists provide essential rehabilitative care to our clients, helping them recover from injuries and improve their physical abilities. With a focus on evidence-based treatment, you'll work with clients to develop comprehensive rehabilitation plans that promote healing and improve quality of life.



Registered Psychologist [Now Hiring]

Mental health is a cornerstone of overall wellness, and as a Registered Psychologist at Effect Therapy, your skills will play a vital role in our comprehensive approach to care. Offering individual, group, and virtual sessions, you'll provide supportive counseling and therapy to clients dealing with a range of mental health issues.


Chiropractor [Now Hiring]

As a Chiropractor at our clinic, you'll use your expertise in musculoskeletal health to provide effective treatments for a range of conditions, from back pain to headaches. Your role will involve not only providing adjustments but also educating clients about health and wellness to support their overall wellbeing.



Dietician/Registered Nutritionist

Nutrition plays a crucial role in health and wellness, and as a Dietician or Registered Nutritionist, you'll provide essential guidance to our clients. Your role will involve creating personalized nutritional plans, providing education on healthy eating, and supporting clients in achieving their health goals.



At Effect Therapy Health Centre, our mission is to provide comprehensive, holistic care to our clients. If you share our dedication to health and wellness, we invite you to explore our career opportunities and consider joining our multidisciplinary team.

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